Thoughts on Damages Season 3

22 Mar

Damages Spoilers through Season 3.

So that I don’t seem too rambling, I’ll divide this post into three sections:  Chronology Questions, which addresses questions I had because of ambiguous information in flashforwards, flashbacks, and dreams; Moral Quandaries/Thematic Musings, which addresses deeper issues concerning philosophy and other such things; and Seasons 4-5 Predictions, which addresses what in the world could come next.

Chronology Questions

The whole time the flashforward cops were kind of implying that neither they nor Patty knew about Tom’s money situation; however, he gave a press conference all about it.

What I want to know is what precipitated all these Season 3 Hallucinations.  It’s been 10 months since the stabbing and hostage situation.  Why didn’t these hallucinations begin like 10 months ago?  Or at the end of Season 1 when Patty just about killed her surrogate daughter for the same reasons she killed her real daughter?

Tom and Ellen’s law firm.  Was this ever real, or was this a lie Ellen told the police?  And if it was a lie she told the police, why did she decide to say that, of all things?

Moral Quandaries and Thematic Musings

I’m not sure I can love Patty anymore.  Killing an adult person is a lot different than killing a baby—especially if it’s for purely selfish motivations.  And I’m not sure she actually has any remorse.

When Patty tearfully tells Ellen, “We talked about confession,” what does this mean?  Did she actually confess stuff to Joe Tobin, or is she just sad that Tom is dead?

Remember how both Ellen and Patty lied for Michael?  I guess it’s plausible Ellen didn’t know it was Michael who took the Honda, but I doubt it.

This season’s Parsons-family revelations shed new light on Ellen’s reactions to Patty.  I keep wondering whether this was planned from the beginning.  I remember really sympathizing with Ellen’s family in seasons 1 and 2.  Were they putting on a good “we’re normal Americans” act, or were they not always so dysfunctional (because season 3 decided to be all about dynfunctional family time)?  I want to believe it was all planned; then again, if it was all planned, I was totally fooled by the Parsons clan.  I’d love to say that I won’t be fooled again (YEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!), but maybe that’s one reason I love Damages.

JULIAN DECKER WAS A HALLUCINATION THE WHOLE TIME.  THE WHOOOOOOOOLE TIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seasons 4-5 Predictions

Wes, where did you run off to again?  Will you come back for a few seconds next season and be super dreamy, too?

Dear Season 4, what mysteries are even left?  We know all about Patty’s dead baby (and how she killed it).  Now what?

Dear Season 5, I had a dream about you several weeks ago that Patty dies at the end.  I woke up from this dream so pissed, and I did not even want to watch season 4 or season 5.  But then I realized season 5 will not even start until this summer.  So, Season 5, here’s the gauntlet:  DO NOT KILL PATTY.  Even though I hate her, I love her still and am still irrationally devoted to her.  Ellen and I have this point in common.

Actually, maybe Patty should die at the end.  And maybe Ellen should kill her.  A really intimate killing, too.  Like strangulation, or a stabbing while they’re sitting on the couch together.  Oh wait, Ellen already stabbed someone to death in Patty’s living room.  Oh man!

Remember how Ellen killed a dude in Patty’s living room?

I had totally forgotten about that!  I feel like Ellen’s emotional health almost never gets addressed.  Maybe that’s what season 4’s about—how Ellen copes with having killed someone, lost a fiancé, realized her boss/mentor/mom-figure/girl-crush took out a hit on her, almost killed someone else (for killing her fiancé), held Patty Hewes at gunpoint, left Patty Hewes, was lured back in to Patty Hewes, used Patty Hewes tactics to ingratiate herself to Patty Hewes, lost a close friend, etc.

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