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Severe Suits and Bermuda Shorts: Fashion in Witness for the Prosecution

30 Mar

Posted as part of The Hollywood Revue’s Fashion in Film Blogathon running March 29-30.

Witness for the Prosecution is not the most fashionable movie ever made.  It does not make my heart leap and yearn like Humoresque or cringe and guffaw like High School Hellcats.

It simply has costumes that really fit the characters (not to mention the characters the characters are trying to make everyone believe they are).

So let’s take a look-see.

First we’ve got our intrepid hero, Charles Laughton, and his gal Friday (who is really his nurse because he has a heart condition and he does not want anything to do with her for most of the movie), Elsa Lanchester.

Old British Nurse

This little car ride shows us their typical wardrobe (as well as their typical attitude).  I did a little research (the rigorous and academic typing of “1950s British nurses” into Google Images), and even by 1950s standards, Lanchester’s outfit here is bulky and old-fashioned.

And she’s a bulky, old-fashioned nurse who delights in her bulky, old-fashioned ways.

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1955: The ’50s-est Year for Oscar Songs

28 Feb

I’m always picking on 1955, it seems, but I wanted to do an Oscar post, and I wanted it to be about Academy Award-winning songs, so I started looking through the list.  At first, my post was going to be entitled, “Really, 1937?” because I was taken aback that a repetitive and silly faux Hawaiian song won over both “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” and “That Old Feeling,” but then I realized that would be the entire content of the post.

So I was looking further and realized that 1955 boasts the absolute ’50s-est collection of nominated songs.

We’ve got our swingin’ ’50s selections:

pre-Rat Pack Sinatra.  ’50s-est.

And some waning Astaire in technicolor. Pretty darn ’50s.

And ’50s Torch Songs:

Doris Day lamenting lost love. ’50s-est.

And an aching ballad from a prison B-movie! ’50s-est!

And, of course, the winner that year–perhaps the ’50s-est ’50s song, which appears in approximately one million beach-make-out scenes in several movies made in the ’50s and set in the ’50s:

In conclusion, the post this ended up being doesn’t actually have that much content, either.  Eh.  You win some, you lose some.

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