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Found Poem: LIKE WHAT

25 Apr

Remember like five years ago when I used to get a lot of weird spam messages that I turned into poems? I finally got some worthy spam again! (TBH, a lot of the line breaks are original spambot engineering.)

Both boys jumped up and down
wanting to know the best way
to make God happy.

Nicely, whɑt does God likе??
Lеe added.

I meаn, we like
ⅽookies and cartⲟons and toys, but
what kіnd of issues aare fun

fⲟr God??

It was a qestion tһat for ɑ minutе Mommy and Daddy
needed to assume about.

Ⲟk,? Leе mentioned and then he stopped and thought.

?The very bеst factor aƄout God is ??? hmmmm?????..?
He puzzled

aѕ a result of һe had so many thіngs that had been grеat about God but he needed to

select thе very best one soo he woսld win the gɑme.

?That һe is

aware of everything.

That?s actually cool. Meaning he may also help me with
mу homework.?
Larry concluded wіth a proud expression on hiѕ faϲe.

Properly boys,?
Mߋmmy finally stated after they hadd give you numerous silly concepts

of what Goԁ did for fun,

?What Godd actuallyy likes is
when individuals love eɑch other and handle each other like we

do іn our family.?

Thhat made sense to Lee and Laгry soo Lee hugged Mommy and ᒪarry huggеd daddy too simρⅼy

make God happy.

Found Poem: When some one searches

13 Sep

We can always count on Spambot to tell us something mysterious yet generic.

When some one searches
for his necessary thing,

he/she wants to be

that in detail,
therefore that thing is
over here.

Found Poem: Payday Loans (VIII)

25 Jul

The imagery in this one seems to be at least partially inspired by Revelation.  Perhaps this marks the Second Coming of Payday Loans.  Although I might be more interested in Payday Loans being cast into a lake of fire…

The bridegroom, who during this recital had grown
deadly pale, up andtried
to escape,
but the guests
seized him and held
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tell himwhat had happened.
My friends endeavoured to console me
by the news
that lions had nowbeen heard of
in two other places, and that
we should be sure to findone
in the morning and next day,
after we had
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Thenative sheep
is a hairy animal,
looking to the unpractised eye
morelike a goat than a sheep.

I will think aboutthat,

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in shaping the future of theircountry?
Everywhere great pathways are
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is that my fault?

We got out of the booth and joined
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instant payday loans

However, he kept fast hold,
and led her in and
thecover of
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to everything he wears, thinks, says, believes,
and to theway he carries on every activity of his life.
As the sold congregation trooped out
they said they would almost bewilling to
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till it grew dark.

Found Poem: Payday Loans (VII)

12 May

I know that most of these payday loan spam poems are sort of Gertrude Stein already, but this one is super Gertrude Stein.

I shall putthem into a box
and bury them in the garden
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instant payday loans
have you been? personal loan rates

Why, that aint a-going
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instant payday loans

loan insurance fool!

The fat man qualifies easily
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payday loans instant payday loans
instant payday loans

a peep
into the actual You.

Where is the
payday loans payday loans payday loans

california cash advance about Peter
and the Pain-killer-
Just as true as I live!

Found Poem: Oh, this poem

28 Apr

So, as it turns out, my payday loan spambot has its own spambot fanboy. This number showed up as a comment on Payday Loans 4.

Oh, this poem
is awesome!
It is
timely and relevant.
I suppose,

it’s a very creative approach to
money borrowing options.

And who knows,
it was not an advertisement
or spam at all!

We expect
to see
ad, but

find a masterpiece.

it was a kind of
on our reaction?
Or a kind of checking
people attitude

to spam and loans?

the person who created it
must be rewarded!

Found Poem: Payday Loans (VI)

26 Apr

For all you romantics out there, our sixth edition is our sexiest yet.

Three thousand years
payday loans online
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intense, difficult orstrenuous.

Barnstaple’s position no credit check loans
short term loans short term loans
and a sudden tenderness
her eyes.

The frantic, terror-driven intensity, of
thelovely canada payday loans
thelovely payday loans online
thelovely payday loans canada
kilometre of it.

the night-wind said,
payday loans online
loan loans
in the plump folks
than in the rest
of us.


Found Poem: Payday Loans (V)

20 Apr

There was even one in German today.  I didn’t use it, though.

But at last she was
still, payday loans
payday loans online payday loans
and are down again
in a second.

Fewer and Truer Many thing
s which have been found to be
payday loans online payday loans online
payday loans uk
and heard that you were seeking
the Golden Apple,we
flew over the sea
to the end of the world, where the Tree
of Lifestands, and
have brought you the apple.

And when the full moon had risen,
Hansel tookhis little sister
by the hand, payday loans
payday loans payday loans online
and what was the use ofwaking
you up and scaring you
to death?

However, hedetermined
to manage more cleverly
than his brother, and got together
arich present of gold and fine horses
for the king and thought he
instant payday loans pay day loan payday
an increasing too-low at that!

Becky said:Why, I didnt notice,
but it seems ever payday loans
instant payday loans bad credit loans
unbearable force.

Found Poem: This Guy

18 Apr

This guy
had gone to Vietnam
in the war years ago
and was a Veteran
from the U.

The meat of the boar
was served at Otherworld
feasts for the deities.

Found Poem: Payday Loans (IV)

14 Apr

I keep thinking one day I’ll open my spam folder and I won’t have any payday loan comments.  But today wasn’t that day.

MONDAY morning found
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and goes out of his way
to keep the peace.

Than stupid man
payday loans
enhanced by an eye-glass.

The Best Dressed
The best dressed man and the best
instant payday loans
only hope we have.

He would run and
snatch the
instant payday loans instant payday loans
to myden.

Vaporized when i was eight–at
payday loans
these reinforcements almost as.

He does not mindpaying
a good price if he knows
instant payday loans
over, and thefunerals
would be preached on that morn
Ingenieur Tom shuddered.

Here in the kitchen,
I amwarming myself,
instant payday loans
inclines to be slightly narrower
for its heightthan
the Alimentive head.

Found Poem: Payday Loans (III)

12 Apr

Payday loans are really a gift that keeps on giving.

I said uncertainly,
whether we hear it or

payday loans
uk payday loans payday loans uk

settled somemonths
before, on account
of an informality
in the report of theproceedings,
which had excited
the attention of
the revisingauthority.

payday loans
payday loans online

When they are
in their quarrels
it is to
payday loans ljunxmoit
payday loans instant payday loans

and crossingthe
Victoria Nyanza,
four thousand feet
above the sea!


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