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Regular Poem: The Intersection of Classy and Trashy

7 Sep

There is probably
some sociological thing
to be said
about the intersection
mix and match
between classy and trashy.

Something about
socioeconomic status
and the American dream
and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps
and appearance versus reality
and the grasping for something grander
and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
and white privilege
and hipsters.

Something, too,
that somehow
intersects, overlaps, mixes and matches, crosses over
with the expletives whose bread and butter is the
juxtaposition of
the sacred and the profane.

And maybe, too,
that thing where we think of Southern Belles
as super frilly and white and the epitome of same;
however, their dialect–
which we see as the aforementioned times 10–
is very close
to the slave mammies’ who raised them.

And maybe, too,
that trickle-down effect mentioned by noted sociologist
Meryl Streep’s character
in The Devil Wears Prada
when she totally burns
Anne Hathaway’s character
about her sweater’s being chosen for her.

That last one’s probably the real one.

then I see french tips and Cadillacs,
and the difference is so subtle
between the classy and the trashy
that sometimes they overlap so well
that I can’t tell the difference.

And I guess that’s probably proof
that my new sweater
was chosen for me by
Meryl Streep
like a year and a half ago.

Who Would Win in a Fight?

24 Aug

John over at The Droid You’re Looking For recently did a post posing this very question, and it got me to thinkin’… I should do that post, too!

And, of course, because I can’t resist the juxtaposition, my matches will pit characters against themselves and actors against themselves.  Everybody’s oiled up, and the mud is drying, so let’s get to the ring!

Annie Oakley vs. Annie Oakley

First off, we’ve got a lady who’s been played up one side and down the other–the heroine of the musical Annie Get Your Gun.  The fighters I’ve chosen are Ethel Merman–the original–and Bernadette Peters–because why the heck not.

I didn’t see either of these productions first-hand, but I have heard the cast recordings, and I know how these gals act.  So who can do what better than whom?

Ethel Annie vs. Bernadette Annie

They’ve both got chops, and they’ve both got big ol’ voices, but if it came to a punch out, my money always must go to Ethel Merman.  Bernie’s got some toned arms, but Ethel was married to Ernest Borgnine for a while.  Plus, Bernie’s version omits a song out of political correctness.  You don’t win fights that way, Bernie.

Advantage:  Ethel Merman

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Adventures on the Internet

26 Feb

Sometimes I end up in odd corners of the Internet–especially when I’m trying to find pictures to go on Freshman English vocabulary Powerpoints.  That’s the preface for this infographic.

I can’t really put my finger on exactly why this blows my mind except that I don’t understand tumblr firstly, and secondly, Meryl Streep looks like my mom.

*Author’s Note:  Of course, my diagram is not to scale–how else was I going to fit the word “preponderance” onto a legible, reasonably sized circle?


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