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What If the Voyager Theme Were Sung By the Andrews Sisters?

14 Apr

I kind of did this in response to Tish’s request that I write words to the Star Trek: Voyager theme (after we had watched a couple videos of other people doing the same).  And I kind of did this in response to my own barbershop kick.  And I kind of did this in response to having nothing better to do. (But really, I could’ve done a lot of things I should’ve done instead of work on this for 10 hours.)

Um… So here it is.  At 4 am.  Lol.

And Uke Can Take That to the Bank: A Short Memoir of My Ukulele Experiences

26 Sep

I got a request from a new blog friend the other day on my about page to write more about  either Emily Dickinson or ukulele stuff–I’m not sure because the comment was slightly ambiguous, but since I already wrote about Emily Dickinson a short time ago and I’m 80% sure she was referring to ukulele anyway, I decided to roll with it.

Okey dokey, here’s the thing about me:  I get on kicks, and I get super excited about said kicks, and then my interest usually wanes into a low-grade interest and deep fondness.  Sometime I resume the kick later and get excited about it again, and sometimes I just do some general maintenance, never taking anything to the next level and becoming an expert, just remaining a devoted dilletante.

Such is the case with my ukulele playing.  Several years ago, I basically just decided I wanted to learn to play, so I bought myself a cheap model that didn’t sound half bad and proceeded to spend all my free time for at least two months hunkering down with the beginner book I had also purchased.

In my mind’s eye, the scene of my learning to play is much more romantic than it actually played out. In my mind’s eye, I’m jauntily wearing most of a skirt suit and drinking a cup of coffee, my hair in a sloppy bun.  I’m sitting on the floor of my room at the sorority house, my back pressed against my closet door as I sit cross legged, peering into the chord chart propped against my Human Growth and Development text book in lieu of a music stand.

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Monday Night Special #5: Delving in with Diagrams (to Because I could not stop for Death)

19 Sep

I finished late–with my blog.
The stillness in the air
Was like the stillness in the room
Between heaves of a loaded gun.
If you were coming on a Monday
I’d brush the weekend by–
But I didn’t, so here’s this Monday Night Special on a Wednesday afternoon.

Arbitrarily Picked Work of Fiction:

Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson (This website has a very attractively punctuated version and some analysis.  Don’t worry: I didn’t plagiarize the analysis too much.)

I probably wouldn’t have picked this poem–not because I don’t like it or Dickinson, and certainly not because Captain Janeway made a recording of it–because it doesn’t contain that much fun grammar stuff.  However, I was talking to Tish about what I should do for my next Monday Night Special, and she requested I do this poem because she really likes it, and I not only wanted to please her, but I also didn’t have any better ideas.

Quick Synopsis:

A lady thinks she’s too busy to die, so a personification of death as a  gentleman with a carriage picks the lady up and takes her metaphorically past scenes of her life and drops her off at her grave.

Important Quotation:

Since then ’tis centuries, and yet each
Feels shorter than the day
I first surmised the horses’ heads
Were toward eternity.

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