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Found Poem: Payday Loans (IV)

14 Apr

I keep thinking one day I’ll open my spam folder and I won’t have any payday loan comments.  But today wasn’t that day.

MONDAY morning found
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and goes out of his way
to keep the peace.

Than stupid man
payday loans
enhanced by an eye-glass.

The Best Dressed
The best dressed man and the best
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only hope we have.

He would run and
snatch the
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to myden.

Vaporized when i was eight–at
payday loans
these reinforcements almost as.

He does not mindpaying
a good price if he knows
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over, and thefunerals
would be preached on that morn
Ingenieur Tom shuddered.

Here in the kitchen,
I amwarming myself,
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inclines to be slightly narrower
for its heightthan
the Alimentive head.

Found Poem: Payday Loans (III)

12 Apr

Payday loans are really a gift that keeps on giving.

I said uncertainly,
whether we hear it or

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settled somemonths
before, on account
of an informality
in the report of theproceedings,
which had excited
the attention of
the revisingauthority.

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When they are
in their quarrels
it is to
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and crossingthe
Victoria Nyanza,
four thousand feet
above the sea!


Found Poem: Payday Loans (II)

8 Apr

Payday loans are such fertile ground for spambot poetry.  And somehow, they all end in a raging fire…

And even if it only
manages to
negateits own

have an easier
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the dense foliage
far and near,

and a fewbutterflies came fluttering
upon the scene.

No, wife, said the man,
I will not
do that how chrislonergan instant payday loans
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the lady went on

where the original baker payday loans
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a mystery.

Found Poem: When you cometo

6 Apr

Posting yesterday’s poem late: another spambot masterpiece about the price of power.

When you cometo
the king, and he asks

for network marketing
network marketing tips

this moment
i believed I had

Found Poem: the basis of your success

3 Apr

I’ve got to cheat today on my poem and give you this Spambot gem about success.  Or something?

the basis of your success.
without this foundation

in place, you’re building
in a swamp.take time
to consider these questions

and boil your answers
down further and further
to reach the highest level
of clarity understanding

possible.#4 –
bloggers and entrepreneurs are not…

Found Poem: Payday Loans

22 Mar

A collection of spam comments, all probing the depths of the multifaceted and perhaps even mystical subject  of payday loans.

Unless controlled, these
lead to slovenliness
inpersonal appearance and
Alimentive Wife and Money
The Alimentive wife usually payday loan
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phrase originated by the fat people.

Would you
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her andhe thought in his heart,
I never saw any one half so beautiful.

Poverty does more to bringout the worst in people
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or terrace and a great resource in rainy weather.

But something informed him that if they hadhad
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I aint got the heart
to lash him,somehow.

Whilst he lay there, the people came and inspected him on
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with thestarting switch.

It was not long before the witch
came striding uptowards them, and said
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and the fire caughttheir clothes.

Found Poem: You could

15 Mar

Pretty sure this is what the Hollow Men would sound like if it were about Micheal Kors outlet shopping.

You could
article of clothing
pure mathematics
purple-veined shirts or
stripy streaked skirts.

You could likewise
connexion a gym,
duet up with unneeded
immediate payment.

The accusal under ordain aid
you reach a refurbished detail,
curb single
other online retailers.
at that place is nil worse than
dry, rough, miserable-somatesthesia lips.

That’s where Michael Kors Outlet look for
to buy online, but in that location’s rattling
no deform continually
buying jewelry as a demand,

do not do it
the turn war
paint communication for the
safest conditions.

When you wishing to have sex anxiety
of your orders be set on all
pop-up that they pauperism.

spell it’s effortless to get the

Found Poem: If we

28 Feb

Not sure this is the most convincing argument against vegetarianism…

If we
supposed to eat

are they made
with meat?

Found poem: Today, I went

1 Feb

Like it doesn’t really even seem like spam, but the website it comes from definitely is.  Trickster!

Today, I went
to the beach front with my kids. I found
a sea shell and gave it
to my 4 year old daughter

and said
“You can hear the ocean if you put this
to your ear.” She placed the
shell to her ear

and screamed.

There was a hermit crab inside
and itt pinched her ear.
She never wants to go back! LoL

I know this is entirely off topic but I had
to tell someone!

Found Poem: It’s the best

10 Jan

Not even long enough to be a haiku.  But dynamite comes in small packages.

It’s the best
to make a

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