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Regular Poem: Longing

5 Apr

Hopefully this will be the worst poem I write all month since it is quite awful.

for you now,
with such a deep, unwholesome

Discontented and yearning
like some bulb buried beneath barely
frozen soil,
straining against the frost–
or the recent memory of frost–
with even a brief touch of a weak ray of early spring sun–
pale and watery and filtered through heavy, wet clouds as it may be.

And I tell myself not to want you.
But I can’t not want
or the idea of
when I think of what great fun we could have together,
and I imagine myself
nestled in your bed,
whispering the joys of
on shuddering breaths.

I’ve longed for you for so
But to what lengths would I go for you,
to caress your smoothness,
to make you hum under my fingertips,
to make you long for me?
In the long run, would we still long for each other,
after–at length–finding we have very little in common?
Yet you’ve cast a long shadow; I doubt any other would do.
At least now, when I’m still pining after you,
for you.

Oh but how beautiful we would look together,
shining and red and fast and free.

And I can’t not want
At long last
come to me and satiate my
(painful, protracted)

Gimme that El Camino. Spoiler Alert: This poem chronicles my desire to own this El Camino.  No joke.  I could take it to the drive-in, and it would be perfect for hauling my bike, and I would look so good in it!  It has a tape player and cruise control!

OUaT 2.2 Recap: When the Evil Queen Decides to Stop Being Evil (Maybe)

11 Oct

Episode 2: We Are Both

The real mystery: Which one of the dwarves drives an El Camino?

We open with the seven dwarves investigating the boundary of Storybrooke.  They send Sneezy out across the line, and he gets caught in a blue beam of magic and subsequently convulses within the blue beam.

In the townsquare(ish) Red is organizing clean-up efforts and other support for the aftermath of the Soul Sucker tornado thing as well as the general fall out of having been under an amnesia curse for 28 years.

Continue reading

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