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OUaT 2.3 Recap: When Lancelot Shows Up for Approximately 16 Lame Seconds

23 Oct

Episode 3: Lady of the Lake

Do we need to talk about how much I love Snow White’s outfit and sass, or do they speak for themselves?

Fairy Tale Land Flashback:  Red runs to a tent meeting over which Charming presides, the subject of which being taking back the kingdom from his (kinda) dad.  Red announces that King George’s new general is like a leviathan.  All the king’s men arrive, and the good guys all go their separate ways to do stuff, vowing to meet at Mama Charming’s house, and Black Lancelot catches Snow White.  He’s the new general, and Snow White is flabbergasted that a member of the Round Table would stoop to working as a hired gun.

Present day Fairy Tale Land: Snow White’s still unconscious in the pit, and Cora’s taking care of her while she chats with Emma about this corner of the land being a haven.  She laments being trapped here because of what Regina did and claims the “apple fell far from the tree.”  Emma buys it and talks about going back to Henry.

Snow White wakes up and immediately begins protecting Emma from Cora and trying to tell her not to trust her.  Emma balks at this.  She obviously don’t know nothin’ ’bout Fairy Tale Land.  A rope descends, and Emma and Snow White are called to an audience with the leader.

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Damages 3.4 Recap: When the Tobin Case Is Super Ominous and Interesting Because Somebody’s Following Joe, and Martin Short Is Creepy

31 Jan

Episode 4: “Don’t Throw That at the Chicken”

Previously On: Cougar Hippie (Michael’s new mom girlfriend). Michael’s back, and you’re gonna be in trouble!  Hey nah! Hey nah! Michael’s back!

DMM’s in the hospital, but she won’t be able to talk for a while because she was, indeed, very concussed.

Patty’s unconcerned about the concussion:  She wants to know if Gates can delay sentencing on Dad Tobin for long enough to talk to DMM—or something.

Five months later, Magician Cop and Large Cop have discovered that Tom drowned and was subsequently dragged into the dumpster.  Magician Cop lectures Large Cop about “handl[ing] these things more delicately.”  (And later does the exact opposite.)  Whatever Magician Cop.  Go bother Catherine Willows.

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Damages 3.1 Recap: When Damages Decides to Kill Tom for an Entire Season

19 Dec
And so begins Damages Season 3. 
Episode 1:  “Your Secrets Are Safe” 

This same sooo saturated elevator again from a million and a half ago?  Really?

Oh I see, kinda.  New recap at the beginning.  This looks like a movie trailer…?  We’ve got boxes all over with people in them saying important lines from across both previous seasons, with one box at the bottom exclusively playing Ellen running around Manhattan wearing only blood and her green raincoat.

Maybe it's Damageswood Squares. I'll take Marcia Gay Harden for the win!

I wonder if they’re going to do this kind of recap all season, instead of those horrible, “Last time on Damages…”  That might be a welcome little change-up.

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Everybody’s in This CI Right Now

4 Nov

I am not counting this as my first live-blogging thing, but this Law and Order: Criminal Intent I’m watching is really entertaining me right now, and I can’t contain myself.

Episode 13 of Season 6 (“Albatross”) starts out as a music video for David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s “Under Pressure” starring some guys in Revolutionary War garb re-enacting that Aaron Burr duel.  The takes alternate–music video style–between the Aaron Burr guys and a guy with a sniper rifle.  The rifle guy kills the Alexander Hamilton guy.  And the Captain is there in the audience and runs over to the dead guy and says “The Judge is dead” and then Donna Murphy is crying a lot.

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