Regular Poem: Granny House

30 Apr

People apologize

for leaving behind their
things, belongings, accoutrements,
but I’ve grown accustomed
to the custom
and the customary
I have pieces of your china
and pieces of your heart
along with me,
smells of you and
sounds of you
to adorn the wood paneling.

It wouldn’t be
a granny house
without echoes
of all the former residents.
The nature of a granny house
is not transitory or nomadic
but a constant
in the lives of its
transitory nomadic

It carries the weight
in its tiles
embraces in its carpet
remembers in its dust.

To be the woman
living in the
granny house
is to be the bearer
of history–
like a scribe or bard
but of things and feelings.

One doesn’t choose a granny house life.
One is chosen
by the house itself
on the merits of her own
granny ways
tested and tried,
given riddles and enigmas and clogged drains
until the point of death
and found

granny enough
to shoulder
an old house
and its ghosts.

One Response to “Regular Poem: Granny House”

  1. thelastthingido1 20 May 2015 at 8:09 AM #

    I really liked how you gave such a depth and history to something that’s a common staple in our culture. You really made it rich with metaphor and meaning. It was a cool poem, and I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 I apologize that my comment on it was so pretentious sounding lol, I really love the things you write poetry about. Its so original.

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