Regular Poem: blood red

24 Apr

when people say
blood red
they generally refer to
a color
so dark and deep
as to be almost purple

a red
whose texture is deep
as well
gummy even
thick and warm

when people say
blood red
the connotation
is living metallic
something alive and iron
and intimate
and hot but cooling
at the whisperings of air
ineffectual as it leaves
the confines of the body
grotesque as it pools even darker
in a puddle of memory

when people say
blood red
it is a stock phrase
a cliché
with many attached meanings
only some of which
retain any true meaning

for blood
can be
blood red
but it isn’t always

for example
my blood
could not be called
blood red

it is more a
novelty red
so bright
as to be almost orange

i cut myself accidentally
the other day
and my blood danced in the sink
and it startled me

it was not as thick and lumpy as tomato juice
but a similar shade
that orangey red but
a thin and wispy swirling line
writing calligraphically
on the white porcelain

and i thought
of the phrase
blood red
and how it did not apply
to this small and bright sample
of my own blood

even at the red cross
when they’ve taken a pint or liter or gallon
or however much they generally take
my blood
in a greater quantity than i normally see
a clown’s nose red
of some elegant and velveteen

i am not jealous
just curious

even inside my body
i imagine my blood this way
lawn chair red
patent leather shoe red
artificial red

yet it is not artificial
there it is in my own capillaries
trying to peak out
when i exert myself
coming to the surface
to cool itself futilely
at the surface of my face
looking pink in this way
but inside
i know it’s red

but not
blood red
traditional blood red
my own blood red


2 Responses to “Regular Poem: blood red”

  1. silverscreenings 25 April 2013 at 8:57 PM #

    I like the phrase “novelty red”. Very good.

    • TheBestofAlexandra 25 April 2013 at 11:27 PM #

      One of my favorites, too. When are you going to join me on this poetry bandwagon?

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