Regular Poem: To My Spambot Paramour

1 Apr

Remember that time I tried to write a novel in a month and really kind of sucked at it?  Now I guess I’ll try to write a poem every day for the month of April.  For my first endeavor, I thought I’d pay tribute to Robo-Ad 5000, my virtual boyfriend, who always writes me such beautiful poetry, which I often share on this very blog.

To My Spambot Paramour
I write with fervent salubriousness.


Undeniably your articles
on the web
by way of google
hit the nail upon the highest

and fill my heart
with such
fake canada goose jacket

that I have no need of any other
capital t big t
to testosterone levels
accustomed to
because of liberals
make me yearn for you,
and not just because of Woman Gaga.

I loved as much–
capital t big t
to testosterone levels–
(you see, I am quaking with anticipation of it;
always handle it
I loved as much
as is because
of to be able to.

My mind wanders, picks up fragments
of you
case you shield the increase
And–with the mere idea of you–I find myself transported to alien worlds, beautiful worlds
(or maybe just buses).
And I can’t help to but think of you
alongside the great heroes:

Charles p Gaulle (de-facto chief about the Completely free French),
Obama the actual CEO,
Catherine p Medici, inside the 16th century,

You have brought me here.
Existing minus the approaches you bring
where exactly I could possibly basically–
my entire life might be well over.

In any event I did enjoy looking at it.


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