Found Poem: Agriculture can be defined

15 Feb

Spambot, you’re always teaching me so many different things.  Where would I (and the biosphere and the national debt) even be without your sagacity?

Agriculture can be defined
as be observed
in most societies hunting skills and tools.
The mining of ores potato originating from South America
have proved well cultivable on.

Is the mental representation of the world.
19 Because of
the above the biosphere,
since in a possible the hunting of large.
Human transformation of the biosphere.

Practice was becoming more
became more
available and open
early relationship with Hideyoshi.
Thus, the ritual of chanoyu wabicha,
was an egalitarian practice.

How was this space integrated

use of the daisu provides.
The term Sengoku,
meaning the changed in accordance with political formation of the chanoyu ritual.

Hunts were the beginning

Bienalle in exhibition display
Whats structuring people and
the society Hideyoshi were prominent collectors.

14 tea contests,
greatly from contradict,
basic ideals.

Debt now exceeds 12 trillion
Cares Its not that I.
Investors had removed,
billion through the month of December
it can borrow,
by August.
It is likely bond,
will continue to drop
as the securities from F rated is

beyond my understanding.

Bond funds had attracted US559
the US 1. 7 billion of sales would
Government owed 755. 4 billion to during the second and third
to Japan the year.
We can expect open issues such as debt sustainability,
and outflows during the prior week.

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