OUaT 2.8 Recap: When There’s a Fire Starting in Sleeping Beauty’s Dreams

20 Jan

Episode 8:  Rolling in the Into the Deep

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  Hook finally gets out of the beanstalk, and Cora’s there wanting the compass.  She says she feels betrayed.  Hook says he’ll get the compass back, and they’ll go together.  She says she will complete the journey without him, and he tries to seduce her back into it.  She says:

You’ve had your chance.  Now it’s my turn to do this… the right way.

Finally!  Some BAMF lady magic!

So she can summon all the zombies with 1 heart?! I wouldn’t suggest messing around with her…

Cora goes to a secret heart chamber and gets a heart out.  She makes all the dudes she killed in the camp a couple episodes ago rise.

Elsewhere, Emma questions Sleeping Beauty about the dream.  They decide they’re going to communicate with Rumpelstiltskin through the dream room.

Sleeping Beauty and Henry meet in the burning room.  Henry wakes up and gives Regina and Charming the exposition they’ve been missing.

Notice that scarf woman’s expression, as well as all the turned heads. I always wonder who all the extras are. I want this scarf woman to be one of Ariel’s mermaid sisters.

Back in ME:  At Granny’s, Belle and Gold have hamburgers together.  Regina barges in to talk to Gold about keeping Cora at bay.  Errbody totally scared of a confrontation, and Granny tries to throw errbody out.  Gold thinks he can handle Cora, but Regina knows he’s got a weakness.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  Trekking through the woods again.  Mulan finds out Sleeping Beauty’s hiding burns and doesn’t want her to risk her life.  So many hetero lifemates in this show!

Back in ME:  Regina and Gold are still debating who’s more powerful than who and deciding they need to contain Cora somehow.  Gold tells Henry a bedtime story about how they caught Gold back in the day–with a magic quill that subdued his magic–but it wasn’t the quill but the ink.  Turn’s out the ink is in Gold’s old cell.

In the dream, Sleeping Beauty doesn’t get the message.

Emma Swan is hardly ever a favorite of mine, but I do have empathy for her always getting caught making terrible facial expressions. I get photographed mid-crazy-face pretty often too, girl.

See, Emma? This is an actual photo of me, taken candidly. You and I should start a Derp Club.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  In the woods, the zombies attack, and the OUaT Spice Girls get separated because Mulan’s trying to save Sleeping Beauty, whom the zombies end up taking.

Back in ME:  Henry wakes up and is all burnt, and everybody is super worried.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  Sleeping Beauty’s in a pit with Cora.  Cora’s telling Sleeping Beauty all about how there’s another realm where the souls that have been sucked by Soul Suckers reside.  Sleeping Beauty’s buying it, but she knows that Cora’s trying to manipulate her, but Cora explains that just having her is enough to get what she wants because, “Snow and her daughter just can’t help themselves” about being good and wanting to save lives. 

Elsewhere, a raven lands on Snow and tells her the message that they need to take Cora the compass before sundown or the redhead gets it.  Snow, who cannot access the sleep-curse nether world in regular sleep because she’s conquered it and put it into the deepest recesses of her subconscious, wants to put herself into a deep enough sleep to contact Henry to get the rest of the message.

Back in ME:  Charming, worried about Henry’s burns, says he’ll be put under a sleeping curse so he can go to the nether world and deliver the message about the ink.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  Hook wakes Sleeping Beauty to set her free.  He claims he wants to thwart Cora for spite.  He’s still willing to help them because it will hurt Cora.

Elsewhere, Mulan’s looking for poppies, which will put Snow to sleep.  Snow tells Emma about the nether world, and Emma feels guilty about Henry’s having been under the curse.  She decides to blame Regina instead.  Duh.  Tish says,”Haven’t you been watching the show?”

Pictured L-R: Doesn’t get enough screen time, Doesn’t get enough screen time jr.

Back in ME:  Regina is doing magic with some alchemy set.  Henry questions her about using magic for good, and he knows she’s really been trying.  She also comforts Henry by saying, “If there’s one thing I know about your grandparents, they always find each other.”  And it’s sweet and also full of disdain.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  The OUaT Spice Girls set out to find the poppies.

Back in ME:  Gold explains that Charming must do this curse the old-fashioned way:  He must prick his finger on a spinning wheel!  Lol!

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  The poppies are crushed.  Snow gets ready to sleep.

Back in ME:  Charming realizes there’s no guarantee that he will be able to find the room with no door.  Henry gives him the pendant from last episode to protect him and help him and what not.  Dawwwww!

This room is not that scary. It looks like a prom to me.

Charming gets to the nether world and finds a torch and a hall of mirrors.  He’s calling Snow’s name, and–in the burning room–she’s calling Henry’s name.  He uses the pendant as a compass.  The floor is lava really hot, so he breaks the floor and gets into the burning room beneath.  They find each other and love each other with their eyes.  He gives her the info she needs (re: ink in old jail cell), and they try to kiss, but they can’t because they’re in a nether world.

Regina tries to reassure Henry, but Gold surreptitiously nixes that.

Present-Day Fairy Tale Land:  Snow freaks out when she wakes up, fearing they’ll never get back and Charming will be under the curse forever and Cora will win and everything sucks, etc.

Also, Mulan’s gone with the compass.

Elsewhere, Cora and Hook talk about Sleeping Beauty’s disappearance.  She force chokes him.  She’s about to kill him, but he’s brought her a gift.  We don’t get to see what it is.

Elsewhere, there’s some girl fighting between Mulan and Snow because Mulan wants to save Sleeping Beauty while Snow wants to go get that ink.  Sleeping Beauty shows up and stops the fight.

“Operator, can you please connect me to the OUaT Spice Girls. Yes, this will be a collect call.”

Turns out the gift was Sleeping Beauty’s heart, which Cora’s talking through, convincing everybody that Hook is genuinely reformed.

But he’s not?  Hook still wants to travel with Cora, who hates traveling alone.  And Cora now knows the ink-in-the-jail-cell plan.


  • Why must they wait for Snow White to come break the curse?  Why doesn’t Henry just kiss Charming?  A grandson-true-love kiss doesn’t work as well as a mom-true-love kiss?
  • This episode felt contrived and rather aimless and toothless to me.  Maybe I just don’t care about Charming and Snow White anymore now that Charming is a dummy even when he’s not David the D-Bag Adulterer.
  • Can’t we just have Regina and Gold say catty things to each other as they reluctantly work together for good for a whole episode?  Wouldn’t that be terrific?  And then Belle and Red could show up in HORRIBLE outfits, and Regina could make fun of them?
  • I love how scared Regina is of Cora, and I can’t wait for Cora to come to town.  And I can’t wait for the backstory of when Cora and Gold trained together and hated each other.
  • So… remember how Barbara Hershey played Bette Midler’s best friend in Beaches?  And Bette Midler played a ridiculous witch in Hocus Pocus?  Can Bette Midler please guest as some Winifred/C.C.-ish character on this show?!  And maybe have a musical number?!

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