Best and Worst of the First Two Days

2 Nov

The following passage comes from chapter three of my National Novel Writing Month novel, which is as yet unnamed.  The chapter introduces Rear Admiral Esperanza Stoljarov’s (not enough people voted, so I had to make an executive decision) viewpoint.  Here, she has just recounted how she was asked to head up the Mission Review Board and is contemplating seeing the people to whom she will soon become a pariah when she tells them they’re on administrative leave pending an investigation and review board.

Seeing the people in the reports in person–in arms’ reach, in pristine clothing, in smiles–tonight made me palpitate to the very core of my being.  Protocol dictated that I stay away, and the waiting for the official interviews only caused the pulsating in my blood to pulsate more wildly, rapidly seizing my heart in anticipating wonder that was, in some part, dread.  Duty, thou cruel and kind mistress!

So, dear readers, this is both the best and the worst of the first two days.  It’s rather artfully trashy and stupid, wouldn’t you say?  Rather like a Victorian romance novel?  I knew this character would be my favorite to write!  Also, this personifying duty as a mistress thing pops up several times in this chapter, and it is this overwrought every. single. time. Lol!


Current Wordcount:  3564

2 Responses to “Best and Worst of the First Two Days”

  1. silverscreenings 3 November 2012 at 9:51 AM #

    I like how you describe the wonder mixed with a measure of dread. So true, in circumstances like these.

    You’ve off to a great start at 3500 words!

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