Hella Long TV Plots: To Devour or To Savor

16 Sep

I don’t want to savor Battlestar Galactica.

I want to devour it in large, loud, unladylike bites.  I want to eat it so fast and sloppily that by the end of the meal I’ve got Cylon juice all over my face and blouse, maybe little Viper pieces scattered in my hair, my fingers sticky with whatever stuff is in the Hybrid’s bathtub.

Maybe not Viper pieces. Maybe Blackbird pieces–you know, the stealth ship they named after the president?

I just want it all.  Right now.


Why can’t I just have it?!

I keep having to repeat to myself that I don’t want to research this show online because everybody’s so indiscreet about spoilers, and I don’t want it spoiled.  I just want it.  I want to have seen it already.  I want to be seeing it right now.  I want my heart to beat at that same insane rhythm as the theme song (that disallows my roommates to sleep during it because it gives them anxiety, so I have to turn the volume down and put on the subtitles when I want to watch “just one more episode” until 2am).

I want to talk to the screen about how the fleet’s not going to frakking like this or that thing the Cylons are doing (or that Roslin is doing) and gush a little about how sweet Roslin and Adama are together and be horrified at dramatic turns and be grossed out by Gaius Baltar.

This is no different with what I want to do with Patty and Ellen and Janeway, of course.

The difference is I JUST WANT IT NOW.

I like to savor my Damages.  I like to think about it in between.  I like to chew on it and anticipate and theorize and try to fit the pieces together.  I’m excited to watch the next episode, and I like watching them back-to-back, but if I watch too many, I feel as though I’ve cheated myself out of part of the fun of the show.

I love to savor my Voyager.  I love knowing that I still have new episodes left to watch.  I look forward to watching them (especially ones I’ve heard about–like Janeway getting a physical labor job and an alien boyfriend.  lolwut?), and I could watch them all in one marathon session if I allowed myself, but I love the show too much to do it all at once like that.

For instance, I am eagerly awaiting this episode, but I am refusing to look up the episode’s name so that I will be surprised and delighted by it all the more.

Somehow, I do not see BSG this way.

I want to have a million new adventures with Janeway.

I want to know a million of Patty Hewes’s secrets, but I also want her to have a million more secrets hidden from me to discover (or not discover) at a later date.

However, if Battlestar Galactica had a million more episodes with a million more secrets, I might just explode with yearning to see and know them all.

I don’t feel loss when I think of how I have approximately 10 episodes of the entire series left to watch.  I feel exhilarated that I will have finally unlocked the final mysteries.

I’m reflecting now on other shows I’ve devoured to see whether there’s some discernible pattern, but nothing fits.  Generally, when I systematically devour a TV show, it is not so much a devouring as it is a binge.  I have binged on CSI, SVU, Criminal Minds–all formulaic cop shows with no overarching mystery.  I just wanted to spend time with the characters and see what badass stuff they would do next–much like what I want to do with Voyager, but I’m savoring Voyager because I know there’s a limited supply, whereas those other shows are still in production.

And now I’m reflecting on other longer-arc shows I’ve watched and my reaction to them.  I haven’t finished Twin Peaks because I got out of the habit of watching it, and it’s hard to get back into because there are so many things to remember about it.

While I wanted to (and want to) figure out the mystery, it did not (and does not) seem urgent to me–probably because of the leisurely, surreal pace of each episode.  I can’t really even use the eating metaphor with this show:  Twin Peaks is something to bathe in, to let wash over you.

So, I guess BSG has the urgency and fun of a cop show (action, badass characters, one-liners, a lot of momentum because of aforementioned items) and the rich mythology/ambiance that makes you just want to be immersed in it of a long-arc show.

Watching BSG might best be compared to beating a video game.  I want to do it without the cheats, and I want to do it as quickly as possible, and I probably want to replay the first level sometime and think on it fondly, but mostly I just want to have accomplished it.

In conclusion, I don’t have anything literary to say about this.


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