Top 5 Quotations from My Roommates Regarding My Sci-Fi Kick

26 Mar

So, I get on kicks all the time.  Recently, I’ve been on a sci-fi kick consisting of alternating between Star Trek: Voyager and Battlestar Galactica, and my roommates—of which there are two, who are also my best friends whom I’ve known for 4+ years and have lived with since our days in the sorority house—find this new fad of mine disconcerting and rather ridiculous.  I’ve assembled my five favorite interactions with my roomies about this topic, and these favorites are presented below in ascending order, accompanied by a little background information about each exchange.

Tish and I are talking about what we’re going to do later.

Me:  I can’t wait until I watch BSG and you pre-sleep on the couch.
Tish:  Every time you say BSG, I always think you’re going to say BFD.

I’ve just finished eating a piece of bread I’ve been heartily dipping in spicy Italian oil, and a small pool of it remains on the plate.

Tish:  Now lick your plate clean. I dare you.
Me:  No thank you.
Tish:  I double-dog dare you.  I triple-dog dare you.  I Cylon-Battlestar-Galactica-Captain-Janeway dare you.

Tish shows me her new hairdryer—a pink, technological wonder with a lot of buttons and a bizarre-looking diffuser attachment.

Me:  Whoa, that looks like an alien.
Tish:  It’s the Alien-Opsis 4000, Starlight.
Me:  Starlight?  What is that, my new scif-fi name?
Tish:  Yes.

We’re in the middle of a particularly ‘90s Voyager when I look over at a sneering, flabbergasted Grace.

Grace:  Star Trek: Voyager is like a fanny pack made into a story.

Because Tish always falls asleep on the couch (we call it pre-sleep because it happens right before bedtime) as I’m watching Battlestar Galactica, I give her recaps as we do cardio at the gym.  I’m in the middle of one and have just finished a part about how the Cylons can look like people and some are even in intimate relationships with humans.

Tish (singing):  Tryin’ to love two Cylons is like a ball and chain!

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