Damages 3.11 Recap, Part 2: When Patty Totally Breaks Up with Alex Benjamin

2 Mar

Episode 11:  All That Crap about Your Family, cont.

To cut all the Patty-and-Ellen’s-torturous-breakup tension in this episode, someone decided it would be a good idea to have some retarded Frobisher time.  They’re having a read-through of Frobisher’s movie with some baby playing Patty Hewes.

If this gal can play Patty Hewes, sign me up for the audition list.  Frobisher thinks something’s off, though, but can’t put his finger on what.  He does comment that they need a real actress to truly portray Patty’s evilness.  Patti LuPone!  Patti LuPone!

Joe’s so worried about TM being in custody that he goes to see Zedeck.  Flashback to Thanksgiving.  Zedeck gives some exposition about why Dad Tobin used TM as the courier—he could trust her, and he was desperate because of the impending investigation.  But Joe wants to know how much TM knew.  He doesn’t trust that TM will stay loyal.  I’m worried for her.

Two Frobishers?  I’m barfing.

Now Actor is in a Frobisher wig, looking ridiculous.  And he wants to get to know the dark side of Arthur Frobisher.  Like coke, hookers, and Beardy Season 1 Frobisher.  So he can figure out the part, of course.  Is he secretly working for the FBI, or is he a total lame ass?

Patty gives Gates info on DMM and Crazy Sister Tobin in exchange for not officially releasing TM so they can send her down to Antigua and get a copy of the third paper so they’ll have proof of what money laundering is happening.

Joe vents his TM suspicion/frustration to Martin Short.  Joe wants to snuff her out.  Martin Short doesn’t want to.  Because he’s my favorite character this season, since Crazy Sister never gets any screen time any more.  Joe says that if Martin Short won’t help him hire somebody to kill TM, he’ll just do it himself.

Pictured (L to R):  Not having any of it; Flirty even in transit.

Patty’s wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers (it’s probably one of her favorites, too.  I always try to look ravishing when I feel especially shitty, and I assume Patty Hewes does the same thing.)  She’s trying really hard to rebound with Alex Benjamin again, telling her she’s going to include her more.  Alex basks in the glow of this several-episodes-delayed attention and looks as though she’s flirting the whole time.  Because I guess she took it super literally that you’re supposed to play every scene as if you’re in love with the person you’re in it with.

Is Ellen dressing better, or am I imagining it because I don’t think she’s so lame anymore?

And now Ellen’s getting an ass-chewing from Gates about working with Patty.  Poor Ellen’s getting it from all sides this episode.  Now that I like her, I kind of could punch everyone who’s making her cry.  But I’d like to start with her mom.  That jerk sucks.  Then move on to Douchey Producer.  I know she hasn’t done anything to Ellen, but as long as I’m punching people, I’d like to cover all the bases.  I’m even starting to turn on Gates.  Not Patty though.  Irrational devotion, number one, and number two, I know she’ll eventually figure out the truth and make it right again.

Patty, Tom, and Alex Benjamin interview TM.  She tells them about the real events of Thanksgiving and still holds that she knows basically nothing about the documents she was signing and that money’s being laundered through a charity.  Patty reveals her send-TM-back-to-Antigua-under-Baldie’s-watchful-eye-to-find-evidence-of-charity-money-laundering plan.  TM agrees.

Martin Short worriedly tells Lily Tomlin that Joe’s gonna kill TM and urges Lily Tomlin to tell him that TESSA MARCHETTI IS HIS DAUGHTER!  Bum bum bum!!! (Called it a million ago, ps.)  She says she will.

TM drives off with Baldie, and Gates and Patty share a friendly moment.  Yes, still kinda like Gates.  Whoopsy daisies.

Frobisher and Actor Frobisher get high and bang hookers together in an SUV like Season 1 Frobisher, and Frobisher opens up about “the biggest decision” he ever made.  Actor Frobisher assumes he means something about laying off a bunch of people.  Frobisher and I laugh in his face.  He means Beardy’s dispatch to kill David!

Love this shirt/tie/jacket combo…Maybe.

Patty calls Tom into her office to tell him not to talk to Ellen anymore because “either she was sloppy, or she disobeyed me.”  Tom comes clean about his part in the TM debacle, but he still doesn’t tell her about his own financial debacle.  She’s a little pissed that they were “strategizing behind [her] back,” and he gets all self-righteous and says, “I lied to you.  Have you ever lied to me?”  They stare each other down, and Patty dismisses him with a chilly, “I have work to do.”  Ouch.

Feeling betrayed by her two BFFs, Patty finds Alex Benjamin and tells her to start looking for cases that appeal to her personal sense of justice for after the Tobin thing is over.  K, Patty.  You ain’t foolin’ nobody with this rebound.

Lily Tomlin drops by to very coldly tell Martin Short she told Joe about TM’s real parentage.

Baldie gives TM some final instructions about how she should handle the third document and get straight into the car with him afterward to go to the airport.

What is happening to me?! Why do I think they’re cute together right now?!!! I used to think they were both so lame!!!!!!

Ellen hallucinates Ghost of David on the sidewalk and has a walk and talk with him about work, Ann Connell, etc. He gives her some insight as to why she loves Patty–they both fight bullies (because Ellen’s dad was a bully, and she couldn’t do anything about it as a kid).  Sorry, Ghost Psychologist David, I’ve never loved that explanation of Patty.  Maybe I don’t see corporate douchebags as “bullies” so much as selfish, irresponsible pricks because I’m a Republican.  Or maybe I like the idea of Patty liking to take money from people just for the fun of it because that makes her more deliciously badass.

Patty tries to talk to Alex Benjamin about the Tobins, but she keeps getting distracted by STRAIGHT UP FANTASIZING ABOUT ELLEN.  Flashbacks to that episode where they discussed whether Ellen liked Alex.  Oh man, Patty.  You got it bad, girl. Then she fires her.  With this COLD, COLD exchange:

“This is more humiliating than the time you pimped me out to Vizzini then refused to see me afterward.”

PH (in the middle of a wholly separate conversation):  It’s not working out.
AB:  What isn’t?
PH:  You.
AB:  I don’t understand.
PH:  I think you do.
AB:  Are you firing me?
PH:  It’s not personal.  Take the afternoon and clean out your office.

TM goes back to the rendez vous point to find Baldie dead.  She’s soon killed by a guy with menacing facial hair.  What did I tell you about menacing facial hair?!

Powerful Antiguan (with Menacing Facial Hair sitting next to him) calls Joe to tell him the deed’s done.  And who’s there beside Joe but Lady Macbeth Lily Tomlin!  She did not remotely tell him TM was his daughter!  And she pretty much orchestrated the hit!!!  Duh!!!!!!!

“Come, you spirits, that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and fill me to the toe-top full of direst cruelty.”


  • I’ve been noticing a lot of people wearing black leather gloves lately—Lily Tomlin, that guy who’s always hanging around Zedeck, Menacing Facial Hair.  Did one or several of these people kill Tom?  Or are these more red herrings?
  • I still do not know the point of this Frobisher thing.  Except maybe that he or Actor Frobisher killed Tom in an effort to regain his bad boy thing from Season 1?
  • And who ran into Patty?
  • And what about Michael and his cougar hippie baby mama?
  • And when do Tom and Ellen decide to strike out on their own?
  • Back to soap opera central:  During the breakup scene, even though Patty’s so pissed at Ellen, they can’t stay out of each other’s frames.  There’s always a little bit of Ellen in Patty’s.  And Ellen’s always got a tight grip on that bag Patty gave her—her physical link to Patty.
  • OH NOOOO!  In the flashforwards, Ellen no longer has physical possession of the bag—this either foretells a big rift between them (they don’t get back together after this breakup?) or that Ellen has something else to link her to Patty.  Maybe she did hold out for the earrings after all.  Or some gorgeous pumps.  OR A FUR!  YES, ELLEN!  WAIT FOR THE FUR!

2 Responses to “Damages 3.11 Recap, Part 2: When Patty Totally Breaks Up with Alex Benjamin”

  1. Don 10 April 2013 at 12:35 PM #

    As a latecomer to Damages and to your blog I must say that it is a special treat to watch these episodes on Netflix on demand and then follow up with your blog recaps. I have to say that while I also groaned when Frobisher came back I have to say that it provides a strange kind of comic relief and weird meta statement on the drama of Damages itself. Frobisher was always pathetically funny to me. The actor with the Frobisher wig, the other actor’s imitation of Ray Fiske’s awful accent, and the actors visit/consult with the dragon lady herself had me laughing so hard. Also I have developed a soft spot for Martin Short’s character too. There is something so dedicated, sad, and endearing about his slimy lawyer yet loyal “family” member status that you can’t help but feel for him. The show continues to have us see the evil in the “good guy” and the good in the evil guys which seems very “film noir” to me. Ellen does indeed seem less lame and even her ghost ex fiancee looked better. Glad she set some boundaries with that horribly manipulative and enabling family. I too would suspect I was adopted. Patty continues to amaze with her frozen smile mask and sinister glassy eyes that make it hard to know if there is really is a soul in there. She is like a machine that constantly craves the same fuel and will stop at nothing to get it. I look forward to reading the rest of your blogs.

    • TheBestofAlexandra 15 April 2013 at 12:25 AM #

      I agree that it was a strange kind of comic relief, but I felt that it was kind of hitting us over the head with the meta. I just wanted to know who killed Tom the whole time (because I care about Tom).
      Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comments!

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