Damages 3.11 Recap, Part 1: When Patty Totally Breaks Up with Ellen

1 Mar

Episode 11:  All That Crap about Your Family
I have the feeling this post will run long because of all the necessary pictures of broken-hearted Ellen, so this will be the first post of two. 

Ellen arrives at Ann Connell’s cozy suburban home and exchanges awkward pleasantries.

Tom rushes into Patty’s office to inform her that Gates has arrested TM, and they wonder how he knew to do that just at that moment.  Or do they wonder?!

TM, meanwhile, wants to know why she’s under arrest.  Well, her boyfriend is here illegally from Antigua, and housing an illegal alien is illegal!  She wants Patty to be her lawyer.  Duh.

That’s just what Gates wanted all along, and he and Nondescript DA Guy pat each other on the back about arresting her and figuring out Ellen’s allegiance.  When Nondescript DA Guy asks if he’ll fire Ellen, Gates tells him to send Ellen to his office “when she gets back from wherever the hell she is.”

Ellen’s now sitting on Ann Connell’s Maiden Aunt Furniture.  If I grow up to be a Maiden Aunt, someone slap me out of buying overstuffed floral anything.  Those are the absolute worst.

This lady thoroughly creeps me out. Is this some awful old-age makeup or what?

Anyway, Ellen gets to interrogating.  And at first Ann Connell leads her to believe she’s Ellen’s birth mom, but then she reveals that Mrs. Parsons wanted to get rid of Ellen when she was about 4 or 5 because she and Mr. Parsons were going through a rough patch (because he’s abusive, I guess).

Get used to Ellen’s sad face. We’re gonna see a lot of it this episode.

Ann Connell was supposed to have adopted Ellen—and she really wanted to—except Mrs. Parsons came back at the last second and changed her mind about it. Ellen’s understandably pretty bummed about this revelation, and I understand her attachment to Patty just a shade better.  In other news, Mrs. Parsons is my new least favorite character.  My seething hate for her is approaching Beardy levels.

I can’t tell if this blazer is awesome or awful.

At the DA’s office, Patty and Gates discuss TM’s arrest.  Patty knows he’s holding her on a technicality.  In return for letting her go, Gates wants info on DMM’s murder.  Patty’s pissed that he knows about her and Ellen’s lady love secret professional relationship.  She says she’s not ready to trade and storms out.

Ellen listens to a voicemail from Tom apprising her of the Gates-and-Patty-showdown-and-subsequent-pissedness-of-Patty situation as she gets back in her car.  Poor Ellen.

“Why you gotta do me this way, Ellen?”

Ellen arrives at Patty’s, who opens her apartment door red-faced and teary-eyed.  Ellen wants to know why Patty hasn’t answered any of her calls.  Patty scoffs and leads her wordlessly, drunkenly, pissedly inside, where she knocks over a vase—Ellen tries to pick it up and she instructs her to leave it—and then takes a seat pathetically on the ottoman.

Patty begins with an interrogation—how did Gates know all this?  Ellen tells her Tom cover story.  Patty doesn’t buy it and goes on to dejectedly rant:  Maybe Ellen was using her the whole time to try to get in good with Gates because Ellen’s ambitious.

“You can’t be serious with this rant. Am I on Candid Camera?”

She goes on to say Ellen’s been using her the whole time—that’s right, even as early as her sister’s wedding in Season 1.  Yes, Patty’s drunk and grasping at straws and saying a lot of things that anyone could say to her and be totally right about.

“You can’t even stay out of my frame while I’m berating you. Typical.”

She even says, “You’re a climber.  A parasite.  You’re ruthless.”  Congratulations, Ellen, you’re Patty Hewes!  Ouch, though.  Patty ends the evening with some especially cutting cutting Pattyisms:  “Just go.  I want you out of my apartment.”

A beat, with Ellen’s throat-bob-swallow reaction shot.

“Oh no. I think I know what’s coming next. I need to get my toothbrush out of your bathroom, right?”

I want you out of my life.

And Ellen looks as if she’s been kicked in the stomach by an alien robot.  She just can’t fathom the tremendous pain.  She replaces the knocked-over vase and leaves so so SO sadly.  Patty watches her go so so SO sadly.

“Um… I guess I’ll pick up your *choked sob* vase and go, then.”

Musical interlude by my roommate and me:  They say that breakin’ up is ha-ard to do-o.  But you know-ow, you know that it’s tru-ue!

Bum bum bum!!!!! To be continued.

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