Damages 3.10 Recap: When Ellen Starts Having Weird Dreams, Too

29 Feb

Episode 3.10:  “Tell Me I’m Not Racist”

Ellen’s bringing flowers to Patty’s house again?  Is there a non-dinner party I don’t know about?  Oh, weird lighting and weird baby music in the background, so Ellen must be having weird dreams now, too!  So, Ellen’s carrying these yellow flowers into Patty’s, and she keeps calling out for Patty as she looks around the seemingly empty apartment, but when she gets to the kitchen, there’s a brunette we’ve never seen before making supper, and she’s talking to Ellen as though Ellen is a kid.

“Wanna stir the blood-esque sauce, little one?”

Ellen wants to stir the eerie tomato sauce, and we all know there’s gonna be something creepy in there.  It’s a picture?  Lame.  My roommate was hoping it was Patty’s head; I was holding out for a heart.  End dream.

Ellen visits Druggie Sister in jail.  Druggie Sister claims she just sold the meth the one time to a friend, and the friend gave her up.  She swears up and down that that’s all.  The lady doth protest too much?

“I just got back from a multi-episode black hole, and boy are my arms tired. Also, don’t worry: I still always look as though I’m trying to flirt with everyone.”

In Patty’s office, Tom and Patty discuss how TM didn’t start going to Antigua until Thanksgiving.  She wasn’t moving money in.  She was moving it out!  Alex Benjamin appears from a multi-episode black hole to inform them that the Tobin plaintiffs want a meeting.

Martin Short tells Joe Tobin that Lily Tomlin and TM have been having lunch together and that when she talked to Patty Hewes the first time, TM lied for the fam.  Joe’s impressed by her loyalty but seemingly skeptical.

Turns out the Tobin plaintiffs want a new lawyer.  Tom’s SO flustered.

Joe accosts TM on the street outside her apartment and assures her, “The family’s still here for you.”  He wants to feel her out, and she ends the scene by saying, “I guess you’re my half-brother.”  Creepy scene-ola.

Tom and Ellen and Patty are hangin’ at chez Patty.  Tom wants to put pressure on TM, but Patty says they have no leverage.  He leaves in a huff.  Patty has set Ellen up with Baldie so he can help her with Druggie Sister.

Lily Tomlin comes into Martin Short’s office distraught—her charity won’t let her go to Tanzania, even though she’s gone every year.  Those kids she sponsors from miles away and visits once a year are her only purpose in life!

At home or a bar or something, Tom tells Mrs. Tom it’s time to start selling stuff; in fact, he got an offer on the lakehouse.  She’s so pissed.

Trouble in (rebound) paradise for Ellen: Gates is going around saying snotty things to Ellen and reinterviewing people Ellen’s interviewed because he thinks it’s her fault they haven’t gotten any further on the DMM-was-murdered angle.  Touché, Gates.

Martin Short calls Stuart Zedeck (who is on the charity board according to Lily Tomlin) to have him put in a good word for her.

Ellen meets with Baldie to discuss details of his working for her on her sister’s case.  He says this:  “Patty said I should do anything possible to not have her go to jail.  Do you know what that means?”  Bum bum bum!!!!  Ellen says yes!!!  Bum bum bum!!!! Ellen, you’re turning into Patty so hard!!!!

Tom looks at pictures of his family on the computer and gets an idea.

Tom covertly meets with TM and tells her the Tobins killed her mom.  TM doesn’t believe it.

Martin Short’s with a hooker again when his dad calls wanting money.  It looks as if he’s in the city.  Bum bum bum!!!

“In conclusion, I would never ever ever cheat on the DA with Patty. I swear on… a grave.”

Ellen turns down Nondescript DA Guy for a lunch date for the umpteenth time.  TM shows up at the DA’s office wanting to know if DMM’s death was a homicide.  They try to cover their asses, but she says Tom Shayes told her this info, and Nondescript DA Guy puts the pieces together—Ellen’s been talking to Patty!

Ellen tries to convince Nondescript DA guy that she’s actually using Patty.  And we all almost believe it, except none of us do.

Elsewhere, the charity committee is voting on whether Lily Tomlin can go to Tanzania.  Stuart Zedeck cleans up nice.  He only looks a little bit like a gangster as he sits on the board and casts the deciding vote that vetoes Lily Tomlin’s trip.  He’s so patronizing to her.  What’s he up to?

Tom and Ellen have a covert meeting to discuss how his shakedown of TM blew up in his face.  She says she’ll take the bullet for him when Patty finds out because “What’s she gonna do, fire me?”  Is that seriously all you think Patty can do?  Didn’t she take out a hit on you once, dummy?

“Pink is my power color.”

The judge has decided to take Patty off the case because the plaintiffs have made a convincing argument.  She suggests using her own resources to go after the Tobins, and he suggests disbarring her for working outside the bounds of the court.  Oh man, Judge!  If you want to disbar her for something lame like that, you obviously didn’t watch Season 1—or even the last episode in which she stole files from a psychiatrist!

Anyway, he capitulates slightly because he knows Patty don’t lie when she says, “When I get the money, nobody will care how I did it.”  Oh having no morals.  He gives her one week to get her act together with TM.

Another nutty Ellen dream!  She wakes up disoriented and rummages through old photographs until she finds one of that mysterious brunette.  HOLDING YELLOW FLOWERS!!!!!

Lily Tomlin barges into Martin Short’s office.  She’s so pissed she can’t go to Tanzania to see the only people she cares about.  While she’s there, Martin Short’s whisky tango dad drops by, except he’s cleaned himself up and is masquerading as an old college professor of his.  (It all comes full circle!)  He ominously says he’ll be around.

“NO! You never slept at her house! NEVER EVER! Well, maybe once or twice.”

Ellen’s mom’s over at Ellen’s to discuss Druggie Sister and whatnot, but all Ellen wants to talk about is Mysterious Dream Brunette—whom Mom is super sketchy about.  She calls her “Ann Something,” an old babysitter.  Is this lady really an old babysitter?

Is Ellen going to have a super dramatic subplot in which she was either molested as a child or adopted?!?!?!!  Tom’s murder and I DO NOT have time for this.  How many episodes we got left, Patty?  THREE EPISODES!

Pretty or D-Bag?

Nondescript DA Guy rats on Ellen to Gates.  Sidenote:  My roommate thinks this dude is pretty, but I just think he looks like a nondescript d-bag.  I can’t tell if I really think this or if I’m letting my irrational devotion to Patty Hewes cloud my judgment.  I’m leaning toward the former, however, because I’m still kinda attracted to Gates.

Baldie and Ellen meet up in a car to discuss Druggie Sister.  Turns out she’s a lyin’ liar face.  This was not at all her first rodeo with selling drugs.  Plus, Baldie found the full name and address of Mysterious Dream Brunette—Ann Connell, 100 miles outside of town.  I see a roadtrip in our future.  Maybe she’s the one who bought Tom’s lakehouse!!!!!!!

Martin Short meets with Zedeck.  Zedeck says he didn’t want Lily Tomlin to go to Tanzania because she talks too much.

Ellen’s over at Patty’s (on the same couch. in the same frame. for the entire scene.) where they’re engaging in some heart-to-heart about Druggie Sister and family stuff in general.  Patty’s worried about Tom and grills Ellen for any info she might know about him.  Ellen keeps her answers short and then realigns the conversation with a well-placed question about that hole in the wall.

Ellen goes to see her sister in jail to ask her about Ann Connell.  Ellen’s suspicious she’s adopted, but Druggie Sister says the following:

You’re a Parsons.  Forget about that woman and deal with it.

Yes, it’s ostensibly about Ann Connell, but it’s probably more about Patty Hewes, right?  Then Druggie Sister decides she’s over this convo and asks if Ellen can help her.  And Ellen says, “Yes.  I can.  But I’m not going to.”  Stone.  Cold.  She goes on to tell Druggie Sister she got herself in and she can deal with the consequences.  Yes, Ellen!

Once again I must hate you: You just made me cheer for Ellen Parsons.

Dad Martin Short and Martin Short are talking at a seedy bar (you can tell it’s seedy because the bartender isn’t very attractive).  Exposition time:  They were con artists together, and that’s the thing Dad Martin Short is probably looking to blackmail him about.

Ellen meets with TM secretly and tells her that the DA’s office really does think the Tobins killed DMM.  Ellen tells her to call Patty Hewes.

“Our Tessa Marchetti? I could’ve sworn I screwed that up…”

Patty and Tom are discussing their one-week ultimatum when Patty receives the call from TM.  Patty sounds so maternal and inviting on the phone as she tells TM she’ll be waiting in her office.  Patty and Tom wonder why TM reconsidered.  Or do they?!

Ellen is driving—presumably to visit Ann Connell. (BTW, Ellen drives a much less lame car than I would’ve imagined her in.  Cady crossover!  Yeah, Ellen!)

Gates arrests TM!!!!!


  • This Ann Connell thing.  Um…if she doesn’t have something to do with Tom’s death, how pissed am I going to be?  Why is Tom’s death getting swept under the rug right now?  No flash forwards!  Like two scenes with Tom, in which he’s being a total whiny wimp!
  • However, I think this Druggie Sister affair is over finally.  Thank goodness!  Cut it loose, Ellen!
  • It took ten episodes, but Patty and Ellen are back together—on the same couch, in the same frame, sharing secrets and bourbon. Feels like home.
  • Um… I might like Ellen Parsons now.  What’s happening to me?!?!?!?

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