Everybody’s in This CI Right Now

4 Nov

I am not counting this as my first live-blogging thing, but this Law and Order: Criminal Intent I’m watching is really entertaining me right now, and I can’t contain myself.

Episode 13 of Season 6 (“Albatross”) starts out as a music video for David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s “Under Pressure” starring some guys in Revolutionary War garb re-enacting that Aaron Burr duel.  The takes alternate–music video style–between the Aaron Burr guys and a guy with a sniper rifle.  The rifle guy kills the Alexander Hamilton guy.  And the Captain is there in the audience and runs over to the dead guy and says “The Judge is dead” and then Donna Murphy is crying a lot.

“I know I’m blurry right now and covering my face in grief, but when you see a real picture of me, you’ll probably recognize me from everthing you like, including CSI, SVU, Damages, and various and sundry Broadway musicals.”

Donna Murphy is some kind of political figure–councilwoman?  state senator?  congresswoman?  I don’t remember.  But there she is, in total New York politician mode–fancy car, great clothes, best friend judge (who dies), sleazy husband, etc.

Sleazy husband is played by Sheriff Rory Atwater from CSI, by the way.

“I’m also in everything you like. But I don’t sing as well.”

Then some CI stuff happens in which Goren and Eames have to investigate some stuff and Goren is awkward and totally weird, as usual, but Eames doesn’t do her normal sarcastic stuff because she really respects Donna Murphy for being a tough female politician.  Oh Eames, you human, you.

Then there’s kind of a throw-away scene back at 1PP in which we get a little exposition about sleazy husband from a US Attorney.  That US Attorney?  Mateo from All My Children.

“You might know me from ’90s All My Children you watched with your grandma or, more likely, being Kelly Ripa’s husband.”

Ok, after that there aren’t any really interesting guest stars.  There are a couple red herrings and some tension between Goren and Eames because Eames isn’t being as objective as she usually is and Goren is kind of being a dick to her, for some reason–she’s always nice to him when he’s not objective.  And the plot twists a few times, and it’s revealed that Sleazy Husband was supposed to be playing Alexander Hamilton but changed at the last minute, so somebody was really trying to kill him, but we all knew that from the beginning because we’ve all seen a Law and Order before and know how these things work.

We all also know it’s going to be the driver because he’s totally carrying an unrequited torch for Donna Murphy the whole time.  (It’s not exactly a torch.  It’s more of a protective, I-love-you-like-a mom-and-I-don’t-want-to-see-you-with-that-sleazy-husband-anymore-because-he’s-gross-and-doesn’t-deserve-to-live-let-alone-have-a-nice-wife-who-could-have-a-good-career-without-all-his-shenanigans thing).

So there’s the case in a nutshell.

Now, another interesting part of this episode, other than all the guest stars and the cold open music video, is the structure of it.  We keep seeing clips from a TV news segment with people-on-the-street interviews of a lot of erudite young women talking about how great a feminist Donna Murpy is–except for her husband being a worthless jerk.  The news segments are talking-headed by CI’s version of Nancy Grace–Faith Yancy.

Subtle, CI. Subtle.

I’m always delighted by Faith Yancy’s appearances.  Say what you want about Nancy Grace, but the lady’s charismatic, and this Faith Yancy actress rocks it out.  Also, I’m never sure how CI feels about Faith Yancy (just like how I don’t know how I feel about Nancy Grace).  Some episodes she’s clearly the villain, but some episodes she’s just a regular, ridiculous TV personality who might be a little over the top but whose heart is ultimately in the right place.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I like CI so much–its political apathy.  I love SVU, but I really don’t want liberal politics shoved down my throat (no disgusting, offensive pun intended), and over at special victims they slide into that occasionally.

That’s just the price of doing business with pinko commie TV, though.

So, with that, let’s go to pinko commie Broadway:


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