Damages Season 2 Recap (All Spoilers, All the Time)

31 Oct

Season 2’s recap and some predictions about season 3.

Patty’s old flame, William Hurt, sends a package of chemical lab results to Patty’s office.  He’s a chemist for a firm who tests chemicals for Big Bad Oil Company Who Hates Miners, the Environment, and Women.

Why is everybody so goo-goo-eyed over William Hurt? Look at that guy. Also listen to that guy. What weird, stodgy acting.

BBOCWHMEW is poisoning the environment, as usual, and William Hurt can’t stand it anymore.

His wife really couldn’t stand it, and she was going to speak up about it, but he killed her and then called Darrel Hammond (who is the cleaner-upper bad guy for BBOCWHMEW à la Beardy for Frobisher, except every time I look at him all I see is ‘90s Saturday Night Live Bill Clinton) to clean up the mess, which he does.

Also ’90s SNL Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Ellen is trying to get dirt on Patty so she can send her to jail or something.  At first she’s all over it, but then she’s kind of conflicted because she kind of admires how Patty fights for “the little guy” or something.

Some stuff goes down with this, such as an illegal payoff that almost happens with Tom before Patty calls it off.  Patty knows pretty much the whole time that Ellen is working with the FBI, I think, but for some reason, she keeps Ellen around to see how much she knows?  And she likes to pretend Ellen is like what her dead baby daughter would’ve been like if she would’ve grown up to be a complete lame ass in stupid clothes?

Also, William Hurt is naughty son’s father.  And naughty son meets William Hurt and WH’s daughter from the marriage that just ended in murder and is really sweet to everyone.

Also, Marcia Gay Harden is the lawyer for BBOCWHMEW, and although she knows he’s got bad info on the company, she’s doing it with William Hurt.  Yuck.  You can do better, Marcia, and I don’t mean that random waiter you did it with to show that you’re SEXY and BITTER and LONELY.

Meanwhile, Ellen is in a support group for people with murdered loved ones, and there she meets Wes, who is an underling of Beardy, and he has a shrine to Frobisher in his gun cabinet.  I feel like something was supposed to happen with that but then never really did.  Beardy wants to get rid of Ellen because she might know something about him or something.

”I’m the good guy now, suckas.”

Also, for some reason, Frobisher becomes Patty’s plaintiff in her suit against BBOCWHMEW.  And he’s become spiritual, but Beardy doesn’t like any of that and is up in everybody’s business being all bearded and creepy.  Ellen also doesn’t like it.  She feels as though Patty has stabbed her in the back because Ellen has been using Patty’s law-firm resources to investigate Frobisher for David’s death (with Patty’s approval).  But Patty says, “You can investigate Frobisher even better now that he thinks we’re friends.  Duh.  Huggsies, BFF.”

Then, of course, Wes and Ellen become lovers.  And Wes is conflicted about disposing of her.

BBOCWHMEW is poisoning everyone, forcing brownouts, and buying and selling stocks in illegal ways.  This includes an Escalade and putting the next brownout coordinates in the GPS system that this stock-broker, Greasy Coke Head, gets and then trades stock on.  He’s caught with a prostitute, and Marcia Gay Harden has to defend the prostitute to protect Greasy Coke Head.

Claire Maddox

“No, you only wish I was doing a double role and also playing the prostitute.”

This is an in for Patty, and she and MGH go head-to-head in a few boring scenes.  And William Hurt lies in court, so Patty is kind of at a standstill with the case.  And then Patty Hewes and MGH team up, but it’s a lot less fabulous than I had hoped.  Neither of them is even wearing an especially great outfit when they team up, even though they almost always wear great outfits every other time.  Whatever.  I like you better on SVU, Marcia.
Uncle Pete ends up on the wrong end of the FBI investigation, but tries to kill himself instead of giving any info on Patty.  And then, when he’s in the hospital, somebody murders him.


I think it might have been one of his young punk friends so he wouldn’t give the feds any info on the young punks.  However, it may have been someone Patty hired, for the same reason.  Or it may have been someone Pete hired so that he wouldn’t ever have to testify to anything.  Nevertheless, Patty is SAD and has flashbacks to her childhood.

Patty’s husband ends up buying stocks in BBOCWHMEW because his friend, Well-Dressed Black Guy Who Is Somehow in Charge of a Lot of Shady Stuff, told him to.  Patty is FURIOUS because Well-Dressed Black Guy was at her house once and he’s a BAD GUY!  Patty’s husband is also having an affair (and Ellen figures it out and secretly sends Patty pictures of it).  Patty is FURIOUSER.  And divorces him.

Patty’s son is dating an older woman who owns an art gallery.

Patty and Hippie Cougar

Girlfriend: ”Did you know you and your son have the same haircut? I can’t tell on whom it is sexier.” Patty: "Shut up, you statutory rapist hippie."

Patty is BITCHY to her.  And throws her son out because of that mixed with how he didn’t apply for college.

Ellen’s dealings with the FBI go south when she realizes the FBI guys are CORRUPT.  One of them gets killed by Well-Dressed Black Guy because that FBI agent wasn’t supposed to be in on it, but the other one told him about the corruption.

This whole season has flashforwards of Ellen drinking bourbon and shooting someone.

Ellen with a gun and dark eye make-up

I think Ellen’s hanging out too much with Terrible American Accent; her eye- makeup’s all slutty these days.

  That someone she’s shooting is Patty!

My thoughts exactly, Patty.

But not really, because Ellen just wanted Patty to admit that she tried to kill her last season, and she actually shoots out the camera the one remaining FBI agent is using to monitor this exchange that he thinks is going to bring Patty down, but it doesn’t because Ellen and Patty’s relationship is protective and twisted and built on lies.  And Patty looks really sad about having to admit she tried to have Ellen killed, but only because Greasy Coke Head had stabbed her in the elevator on her way up to Ellen’s.

Tom’s sister, a US attorney, saves the day somehow—she arrests the corrupt FBI agent and the Greasy Coke Head.

And Marcia Gay Harden tries to take over BBOCWHMEW, but it doesn’t work.  She’s out of a job.  And her dad is really disappointed she doesn’t have kids.  :`(

And Wes kills Beardy and runs off.

I'm so glad Wes killed you, Beardy. SO glad.

And Ellen doesn’t work for Patty anymore.

PS The night Patty throws her husband out, she gets drunk and invites Ellen over and tries to give her some clothes.  Ellen still doesn’t take the hint although she dresses slightly better this season.

What is that? A poncho dress? Made out of an army cot?

PPS Patty fake fires Tom again to spy on people and fake rehires him again later.  I keep wondering if she does this every six months or so and everyone knows about it.  I keep imagining that everybody else in her law firm thinks it’s all a little silly and are just there for the big paychecks.

PPPS I’m kind of sad to see Patty is getting a divorce because this means we won’t get to play “Spot the Rock” anymore.  You see, she had this gigantic diamond ring that she wore in some shots but did not wear in other shots.  I’m guessing the size of the diamond had something to do with how her face was framed (because her face is kinda masculine).  But I’m no expert.

Overall, this season was kind of stupid because so much stupid little stuff happened, but no real big stuff happened. And the case, although it was kind of boring and I didn’t care that much about it, didn’t get resolved very satisfyingly.   And the mystery wasn’t very exciting, not like the first season when we didn’t know who tried to kill Ellen or where that person’s body went or who Beardy was, etc.  Looking forward to season 3 because I keep hearing it’s really good.

Predictions for Season 3:

  • My mouth continues to water about Patty Hewes’s wardrobe.  
  • Beardy died, so another person with menacing facial hair takes his place.  Maybe Moustachy.  Or Goateey.  At this point, my money’s on Goateey.  Because I love moustaches, and I bet Damages does, too.
  • Michael does something terrible.
  • Patty and Ellen come to some agreement/understanding and Ellen goes back to work for her.
  • Ellen slowly becomes more and more Patty-like until she hates herself for her transformation.
  • The case plot continues to bore me.
  • Marcia Gay Harden does not make a surprise visit, and I am sad anyway even though I knew she wouldn’t show up ever again.
  • Wes, like his weird obsession with Frobisher, is swept under the rug.
    Frobisher pops up a few more times, just for good measure.  And I am not interested in anything about him, as usual.
  • Because Ellen Parsons is young and hot and the protagonist or whatever, she’s gotta have a love interest.  She starts an affair with Well-Dressed Black Man, which causes conflict with Patty.

2 Responses to “Damages Season 2 Recap (All Spoilers, All the Time)”

  1. Don 8 March 2013 at 12:01 AM #

    Oh I was sooo happy to see Beardy go too. He was some frumpy middle aged schlub with no lips who fancied himself a bad ass who needed a smack down for a long time. And the other bad guy who finished the job on the choked wife: Why does he look like he wears makeup? These hit men are so weird. And I will miss sexy bitter Maddox too. Glenn Close is wonderful as the scheming psycho biatch who will do anything for the little guy even if it involves killing cute dogs and bumping off an up and coming legal hotshot. Ellen looks like a sad anime character even when she smiles which isn’t often. At least this season I didn’t hear as much Elmer Fudd accents as I did season 1 between sister in law, Mr Nye, and frobishers lawyer. Love this series and its over the top but wonderfully written and acted nature.

    • TheBestofAlexandra 8 March 2013 at 12:51 PM #

      You’re so right about the sad-anime-character thing and the Elmer Fudd accents. Thanks for dropping by!

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